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Emergency and Standard Towing Services Offered by Auto Tow Club


Towing Services


Towing Services

Most folks think about towing services only when they are in a dire automobile situation and absolutely need them. However, it is imperative to consider the various towing packages on the market, should that time come when you must use towing services. Auto Tow Club offers the most comprehensive towing services on the market for a surprisingly affordable price.

Towing Assistance

Towing assistance is one of the most comforting and useful parts of the many towing packages offered by any company, including Auto Tow Club. When you have been stranded on the side of the road for hours, whether in a rural area, or in the darkness of night, it is truly a help to have a professional, friendly company come to your rescue and provide services you desperately require. Towing assistance services are not always limited to towing, but include other roadside assistance, such as:

  • Jump-starting your car: Maybe you are not too far from home or your preferred mechanic’s shop and you just need that extra push to get your car there with the help of a quick jump start.We will gladly provide this as part of our towing assistance plan for you.
  • Flat tire assistance: Our towing services techs can help you fix this problem promptly, so you can get back to your trip.
  • Gas provision: Perhaps you overestimated the amount of miles your car can go on low fuel. No problem! Auto Tow Club knows that sometimes–life happens. We will provide the amount of fuel needed to get you to the nearest gas station.
  • Lockout services: Our towing assistance plans also include helping you get into your car if you accidentally locked yourself out and cannot access it.

Emergency Towing Services

Emergency Towing Services are something many people think they will never need, but most people require at some point in their driving lives. Maybe your car broke down unexpectedly, or you rolled off the hill, got your car stuck– and cannot move your vehicle–without professional emergency towing services .

All Day/Night Towing Services

Urgent towing services are very handy to have because, while you may have friends and family that may be able to assist with car problems when you are driving locally–your car may experience dire problems when you are on a road trip. Emergency towing services are a must when:

  • You get stranded in dangerously hot or cold weather. The health threat of extreme weather conditions in a car that is not properly running increase exponentially if you are traveling with children or the elderly, who may have a heat stroke or be affected by frostbite while waiting for you to resolve your car situation. You need towing services NOW.
  • Your vehicle is stuck in a ditch, in snow, or mud: Your efforts to move it have proven futile or even pushed your car further down into an unfavorable position. Auto Tow Club towing company will provide emergency towing services to get you out no matter the time of day or night—or the weather conditions. We will be there with all the equipment and personnel necessary to get you out of the mess you’re in.

Towing Packages

When looking for towing packages, you must be cautious about the services the towing companies really provide and the price being charged. At Auto Tow Club we are proud to say we have no-fine print towing services packages. Our towing packages cost only 19.95 per month and provide you not only with emergency towing services and roadside assistance, but a number of other benefits. Essentially, our towing services are included in our unlimited roadside assistance benefits for a flat monthly fee, which means you can use anything from vehicle towing to hotel benefits, to hospital stay benefits should there be a car accident.


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