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Tire Change Assistance from Auto Tow Club Techs is Always On Time


Safely changing our a blown or flat tire on the side of the road is a skill not everyone possesses. Furthermore, even if you are comfortable and familiar with the procedure, sometimes getting down on the ground and dirty may be disruptive to your plans–if you are headed to a professional event, for instance.


Car Tire Change


Not to worry–for those cases, you have the friendly, experienced Auto Tow Club technicians to help with your tire change. You can call us any hour of the day or night, all year long–including national holidays. Our services cover Canada and all fifty United States.


Why You May Need Emergency Tire Change

    • Puncture: You got a hole from a nail or other damaging component.This causes air to escape relatively quickly, causing a flat.
    • Bad valve stem: resulting in an air leak.
    • The actual wheel: The mounting surface of your wheel may be deformed, so the tire cannot sit on it properly, causing air to escape. Your vehicle will need further servicing at a body shop after the tire change.
    • Tire blowout: Due to damage by an object on the road, your tire may explode, leaving nothing but metal behind. This is especially common at high speeds, such as would be appropriate on the interstate.


What Happens During Our Tire Change Service

As soon as you place a call to Auto Tow Club, we dispatch a tech to your exact location whether in the middle of a metro area, or on a rural backroad. When the technician arrives, he/she will assess the situation and begin the tire change process.


If you have an inflated spare tire in or on your vehicle, that will be installed right away in place of your damaged tire. However, if you are not prepared with a spare, we can tow your car to the tire shop. We will then take a look at your other tires to prevent a similar problem from happening in the near future with any one of your three remaining tires.