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Jump Start Services – Just a Quick Call Away from Your Car


Gosh, you’re driving down the road and the car suddenly stops running! What if, it happens while you are on your way to an interview, an important business meeting or a social function? Seldom do you have the time to get a family member or a friend to help at their convenience? You need jump start help immediately.


Jump Start Services


My car doesn’t start, what should I do now?!

If you’re ever caught up in a situation like this, just don’t worry. Help is only a quick call away. At Auto Tow Club, we offer emergency jump start services as part of our monthly package plan. That means whenever your car battery decides to die on you for a myriad of reasons, and of course—-at the most inappropriate time, we can get you up and running again.


But why do car batteries die and what are the reasons many people are in an urgent need of jump start services? Car batteries malfunction for a multitude of causes. There could be a problem with the charging system or it could happen due to loose battery connections or many other reasons.

Below, we talk more about the key reasons that can keep your car battery dying. Let’s have a quick look.


Lights Left On: You left the lights in your vehicle on all night (when the door did not properly close). Whether it’s the headlight or the dome light, if they are on for many hours in a row, it will cause the battery to drain. Some headlights are designed to switch off on their own after being left on for too long. But a malfunctioning system doesn’t allow this automatic feature to function. In such cases, the car battery faces a gradual depletion of charge and finally maxes out.

Cold Conditions: Starting your car in the cold requires a good amount of amperage, which a car not properly warmed up or an older car may not be able to handle. Motor oil thickens up in the cold, which makes it harder for the engine to function. Also, winter tends to strain your car from the prolonged use of headlights and windshield wipers. If your car battery is new, cold weather won’t get you in trouble. But a weak or old battery will die and the car will stop. Worse still, extreme cold weather may also turn the minor issues of your car into major problems.

Hot Weather: Car batteries react to hot weather in the same way as they do to cold weather. When temperatures outside rise high enough, your car battery fluid can evaporate quickly, causing your battery to overcharge and malfunction and this could be another reason for your car to suddenly stop.

Lack of Use: Maybe your car has been parked without being used for a while. This can cause the exhaust system to collect moisture that is usually shed off when the car is started, heated through, and driven. That moisture can damage and rust the critical components of the vehicle. To prevent this in the future, have someone start the car for you every couple of days when you are away or otherwise unable to drive your vehicle to avoid car battery issues while driving.

Parasitic Drain: Parasitic drains in the electrical system are not easy to find, but they can easily kill car batteries dead.


Regardless of why or how your car battery died, you can hire our services get quickly jump started and resume your drive again.


When you call Auto Tow Club for a jump start, one of our technicians will arrive at your location with jumper cables. After having your car successfully jump started, you can continue to your destination. However, we recommend getting into your mechanic or professional auto shop shortly. A car battery that has fizzled out once is one that is apt to do it again soon. Do not tax your vehicle unnecessarily and find the root of the problem to ensure prolonged used of your car.


In the meantime, we always have your back for those emergency situations–including jump starts services, gas provision, tire changes, lockout services, towing and more. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of it.