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Lockout Services – Quick, Effective and On Time

So, you got locked out of the car again? Nothing is more frustrating or embarrassing as a driver than accidentally leaving your keys in your locked car. It could be even more dangerous when the lockout situation happens in a dark or remote location. It can leave the calmest among us feeling rattled and completely out of control. But how do you deal with this tough situation?


Lock Out Services


Modern cars feature enhanced security, and so they are laced with a complex and advanced system which makes it extremely difficult to regain entry after being locked out. Even traditional methods fail. If you make an effort to pick the lock by yourself without the required tools and skills, you can easily compromise the security of your locks or damage them altogether. And definitely, you’ll never want to break your window, as the repairs can burn a deep hole in your pocket. So, what are you going to do to get out of this trouble in a hassle-free manner?


Don’t panic though.

Here’s your Plan B – just take out your phone and give Auto Tow Club a quick call and the lockout problem is gone in minutes.


When you request lockout services from Auto Tow Club, expect one of our professionals to show up to your location within the specified period of time quoted to you on the phone. We use a universal air pump wedge, a highly useful vehicle entry tool, to unlock with minimal impact on your car.


We use top quality air pump wedge for a quick, successful entry into the vehicle without causing any kind of damage or chipping of paint. Often used by professional locksmiths and auto repo professionals, this effective tool typically comes along with an inflatable bag which can be slipped between the car’s door and the weather stripping. Then, the wedge bag is inflated using a manual hand pump. The inflated bag creates enough space for the professional to insert their unlocking tool and access the manual lock mechanism to regain entry into the vehicle.

Auto Tow Club lockout services:

Instant Help: No matter what location you may be in, our professionals can reach you within minutes of placing your call.

No Damage to Vehicle: Our professionals are expertly trained in the use of car unlocking tools. The entire procedure is conducted in a way which unlocks your car in a safe and hassle-free manner, without causing any damage.

Use of Right Tools: Each tool that our professionals carry in their car opening toolkit is professional and of high quality. Also, we monitor the quality of our tools on a regular basis to ensure the best results every time our professionals perform a car unlocking task. If a tool has worn out or doesn’t function to its fullest potential, we’ll replace it quickly with a brand new one.

We can unlock cars even when your key has broken inside the lock. Sometimes, the ignition key will snap in half while you are opening your car. When that happens, it becomes impossible to turn the key, as the handle is no longer attached. Our car unlocking professionals are equipped with all the tools and techniques to extract the broken piece from the lock and help you on your way.


Tips for Avoiding Car Lockouts in the Future

Order a spare copy of your car key. Then get a magnetic box to put on the underside of the car. By storing the key there, you will always have an option of getting into your car when you leave your main key inside your vehicle.

Because it is not too easily accessible, you will not be tempted to use it when you simply cannot find your key in the morning. For that specific purpose, consider having a third pair of keys on a key hook inside your home.


Auto Tow Club offers many more roadside assistance services, as well as towing, hospital stay reimbursement, and even hotel discounts.

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