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Doesn’t my car insurance cover towing services?

Many customers come to Auto Tow Cub after learning, in a very stressful situation–that their car insurance policies do not cover the costs associated with car towing services. It seems logical that towing services would be included in any comprehensive vehicle insurance, but this is simply not true in many cases.


Why towing services may not be in your insurance plan

If you purchased the most basic coverage plan, this often excludes towing and emergency roadside assistance. To access more features like this, you must upgrade to a more premium insurance policy.

Alternatively, car insurers will provide and pay for your towing service if the reason you are in need of this kind of assistance is not your fault. For instance, if you are involved in a vehicle accident, and it is determined that you were in the wrong, then towing service fees will add up very quickly for you.


Reasons you may need additional towing coverage

Even if your car insurance company does cover towing services, you may still need a more hassle free solution. If any of these apply to your situation, you may really benefit from our unlimited towing and roadside assistance package:

  • The accident was determined to be a consequence of your miscalculation. Since you are in the wrong, car insurance will not cover towing.
  • Your car insurance has agreed to cover towing–but only for a certain number of miles. If the towing distance is much further than the mile allowance, the cost will be too great without a towing and roadside assistance plan.
  • If you must pay the towing company before your insurer processes your request, an immediate sign-on towing package, like the one offered by Auto Tow Club– may get you out of the financial pickle sooner.

Arrange for your peace of mind by doubling up your car service package between your insurance policy and a low-cost, high-impact plan like our own. With our monthly fees for towing services and unlimited and emergency roadside assistance so low at $19.95, you would be wise to call Auto Tow Club today.

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