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Emergency Towing Services Done On Demand

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Need Urgent Roadside Assistance?

There is nothing more unexpected or frustrating than having one’s car break down in the middle of the road and suddenly being in need of often expensive and inconvenient towing services. You always seem to need roadside assistance at the most inopportune times–middle of the night, or during an epic storm. Maybe you unexpectedly ran out of gas or locked yourself out and need someone to bail you out in record time. In such a time of stress and uncertainty, let Auto Tow Club provide you the peace of mind and emergency roadside services you require.

We at Auto Tow Club offer comprehensive roadside packages, including emergency roadside services, towing, loss protection and much, much more.

Here is what our MCA Roadside Assistance Plans include:

  • Timely service: We provide 24/7 roadside assistance. Towing services will be performed within 45 minutes or less of the time you place the call.
  • Cost Effective Roadside Services: Your startup cost (which includes first and last month’s fees) is only $39.90. We charge a monthly fee of $19.90 thereafter.
  • Legal Roadside Assistance: We help with legal defense coverage, bail bond protection, and arrest bond protection. We will assist in connecting you with discounted legal and attorney services.
  • Theft Protective Service: We have stolen vehicle reward and credit card protection.
  • Travel Benefits: Auto Tow Club will enrich your next vacation with travel planning and reservations. Other forms of travel assistance are available, including emergency travel reimbursement.
  • Disaster Assistance: Our accidental death benefits and hospital benefits will help your family immensely in a time of need should the unthinkable happen.
  • And more: Towing services within 100 mile radius. We provide emergency roadside assistance to RVs, trailers, boats, and trucks exceeding the weight of one ton.

While many of our services are geared specifically to roadside assistance, vehicle accidents, legal services and disasters, we also provide help for when you are travelling, whether locally or abroad. These include travel planning, travel assistance and hotel room discount.


free 100 mile tow3 calls per yearsunlimited calls
Vechicle Theft RewardUp to $2000Up to $5000
Credit Card Protectionicon nameUp to $1000
Arrest Bond Certificateicon nameUp to $500
Bail Bondsicon nameUp to $25000
Dental Discounticon name20 to 50% off
Perscription Discount24% off62% off
Emergency Room Benifitsicon name$500 RE Reimbursement
Daily Hospital Benifitsicon nameUp to $54,750
Accidental Death Benifiticon nameUp to $10,000
Referral Programicon name$35.00/Referral

Our No Small Print Total Security Plan

The world of roadside assistance plans is full of scams that promise you one thing–and then fail to deliver said service because of the fine print on their contract. We do not mislead our customers this way.

If you would like to insure yourself against the various disasters that may befall you on the road in one quick step, chose our “Sign and Drive” Motor Club Assistance (MCA) plan. It really is as good as it sounds: you sign up and we provide the service you desperately need with no out of pocket expense until your first payment. Once you sign the roadside assistance security plan, we will provide towing services to a vehicle service facility or your chosen location; or, we can get your car unlocked so you can get to your destination with barely any delay.

Protect yourself from unexpected circumstances on the road with a good roadside assistance policy. Better yet, this is a wonderful and useful gift for a beginning driver or another loved one, and they will remember you fondly in a time when they need help most.

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